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Maura and Kim campaigned to bring people together and move Massachusetts forward. Now it’s time to get to work.

Moving the Ball Forward Starts Here

The Inaugural Celebration on January 5, 2023 will mark the official beginning of the Healey-Driscoll Administration and a new chapter for our Commonwealth.

We invite you to join us in commemorating this historic event as Governor-elect Maura Healey and Lieutenant Governor-elect Kim Driscoll take the state’s helm.


Meet Maura

Governor-elect Maura Healey grew up the eldest of five siblings raised by their mom Tracy, a school nurse, and her stepfather Edward on a farm in New Hampshire.

She grew up raiding the nearby apple orchard, playing sports, and waitressing. Maura co-captained her college basketball team, and then spent two years as a 5’4” starting point guard on a professional basketball team in Austria. She returned home to go to law school and start a career as an attorney. After a decade in business law, Maura joined the Attorney General’s Office, where she led the first successful state challenge to the Defense of Marriage Act. She ran as an unknown, underdog candidate for AG in 2014. Since then, Maura has stood up to powerful interests as the People’s Lawyer – taking on Purdue Pharma, ExxonMobil, and predatory student lenders, and returning billions to taxpayers.

In November, Maura made history by becoming the first woman elected Governor of Massachusetts and the first openly lesbian Governor in the country.
Starting on January 5, 2023, she’ll stand up for Massachusetts again, working to build an economy where everyone can succeed.


Meet Kim

The daughter of a Navy cook from Lynn and accountant’s assistant from Trinidad, Kim grew up around the country before landing at Salem State University. There she studied government and became – just like Maura – a stand-out athlete on the women’s basketball team.

She met her husband Nick, a union bricklayer, and they made Salem their home along with their three children. After years as an attorney in public service, Kim won an underdog race to become Salem’s first woman Mayor in 2006. As Mayor, Kim turned deficits into record reserve funds, revitalized Salem’s downtown, helped improve Salem’s schools, and has been a strong leader through the pandemic.

In November, Maura and Kim became the first all-women ticket elected to lead a state in the country. Exemplified by her extensive and successful career in city government, Kim is focused on creating a forward-looking Commonwealth and communities that work for, empower, and include those who call them home, as well as those who aspire to do so.

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